Friday, September 11, 2009

Origin of the term 'flea market' .

The term's origins seem not to be very clear. I've been wondering, for quite a while now, what the connection between markets and fleas might be, so have had a little look around the net. There seem to be three main theories about the term's origins. They are as follows:

'Flea market' comes from the French marché aux puces, a name originally given to a market in Paris. The fleas were thought to be in the goods, because they were of the kind to attract vermin. The earliest English use we have found dates from 1922.

Another theory is that during the time of Napoleon III, changes in the streets of Paris were made in order that the military could march and move unhindered. Many of the dealers in second hand merchandise were forced to flee from their older housing. The merchants gathered in a new location which was referred to as the Flee Market, and the term morphed into Flea Market.

The term appeared at a time when the slums and alleys of Paris were being demolished and and gentrified. Whealer-dealers who lived and worked in these parts were forced to flee. The merchants' new gathering place was referred to as the "flee market," which later became "flea market." .

The term referred to the Fly Market in 18th century New York City. The Dutch referred to the market as vlie which translates to valley. The word was pronounced as flea and thus began the tradition of referring to that style of bazaar as a “flea market”.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Flea Market Barcelona, Sat 12th!!!!!

Flea Market Barcelona attacks again! after visiting our friends Flhomarket in Berlin and Flea Market da Invicta this summer , here we are again!!!!
Here you can see one of my fav videos about Flea Markets!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Porto's finest

Porto has a proper Fleamarket since May!This fleamarket has found a home once a month in a bar called Maus Habitos.For anyone who has a lot of good garbage at home, there is now a place to do something interesting with it. Here you can come to sell, buy or exchange stuff while you listen to good music and meet other fleas. The next edition will be on the 26th September, so if you're around don't hesitate - come and pay us a visit! As summer is almost over we dedicate this Flea to all you sea, sun and summer lovers. Let's make this an Endless Flea!


Kyiv is how the Ukrainians transcribe Kiev. Kiev is the Russian version.

I have just got back from a month in Kyiv, and besides the elegant old eastern european buildings, cobbled streets, beautiful girls, good beer and 10 pence metro, the second-hand and flea markets are off the chain.

If you ever find yourself in this city, you have to visit the second hand spot by Lisova metro station. It's at the end of the red line in the west of the city. Exit the station and turn right, you can't miss it. Don't eat the deep-fried snacks either. If you are hungry there's a falafel take-away in the middle of the market.

The market is enormous. I reckon there are about 100 stalls in prefabricated corrigated steel shacks. I copped so much stuff that i had to buy another suitcase to take it all home. Which i also copped from the market.

The things I copped were Fred Perry polos, numerous of, some classic English and Argentinian football shirts, an agnes b shirt, some Pringle, some day-glo jarg Nike caps and some presents for my girlfiend. I paid between 2.50 and 5 pounds per item. You can haggle for everything: most of the stalls seem to belong to Arab people.

There was a family of cats living under on of the stalls. There's a picture at the top of the blog.

Mark D.