Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Just back from a trip to Belgium, one of Europe's top destinations for second-hand markets.  We got to a couple of really good markets of differing styles in Brussels, but you should also check Waterloo and Liege if you have time.

The first one we went to is the daily market that takes place close to the Gare du Midi.  When we arrived we were faced with the typical crappy market of cheap produce and fake tools, but turning a couple more corners, we found what we were looking for: The Flea Market of the Marolles.  Here's a few pictures of this fantastic traditional flea market.

Our next stop was a new market, the Brussels Vintage Market, in the charming Place St. Gery.

We caught the second edition, but the market should take place monthly.  The venue is spectacular, an old market building, with stalls on three levels.

Being Belgium, a world-class array of beers are offered.

These wooden glasses were a real find, but at 100 plus euros, a bit much for the holiday budget!

Being a vintage DJ, I'd have preferred a piano recital or at least a vinyl set, as both were available!

Cupcakes were predictably present!

During the day, I copped a few records, a cycling shirt and a lot of good memories for less than 30 euros.  Triple recommended!

Mark D.