Monday, January 18, 2010

Flea Deluxe Photoreportage!

Yesterday our first Flea Deluxe event took place in the function room at Rift, Pl. Dels Angels, here in Barnawood.  A more intimate spot it was, and fearing some sort of human crush of frenzied shoppers, we kept street promotion to a minimum, and the word-of-mouth approach seemed to pull in a great deal of hipsters with an eye for quality and originality.  

There were 9 stalls, and people clubbed in to bring down the choicest items from their collection.  They included people with clothes from promotional gigs they may have done, people from the fashion industry and a few serial Flea Marketeers too.

Credit has to go to the marketeers, as always, whose organisation and presentation of the stalls was exemplary, and also the Flea Fans who made it down despite the slight drizzle, that is normally enough to put people of leaving their houses on a Sunday.

Extra credit to Petanca Legend Hank Martini, who did a stellar job of keeping the party lubricated.

Hank Martini also is about to bust out his first album!  Recorded in a hut in Sweden, you really have to peep his troubador folk musings.  Check the previews on his myspace.  In the picture he is flexing with a faux-diamond-encrusted belt buckle which was for sale at the Flea but I cannot confirm whether or not it was sold.

The gaffer from Rift was so chuffed with the day that he has offered us the space for a repeat showing in 2 weeks!  More news to come, as soon as I invent it.  He is also open to suggestions for projects in that there space that we used.


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