Friday, December 18, 2009


Flea Market Porto has decided to celebrate this Christmas in a different way. Instead of setting up a tree, or dressing itself up with colorful balls, has decided to come down to the street, or to put it better, to the garage.

There are several modernist garages in Oporto, and Passos Manuel's garage is one of the best examples we have.
The building was built in the beginning of the XX century (around 1940) and served as a backup to another building, located just across the street, the Oporto's Coliseum.
Together, these two buildings represented a new era in the city. One of them, the Coliseum represented innovation on account of the music, the concerts or the shows that run inside. The other, the garage, represented modernity because of all the cars that parked inside.

It is, thus, a pleasure and an honor being able to have this Christmas edition in such a special place. Besides, this way the Flea Market turns out to be a real “garage sale”.

We have beaten all the submission records and even though we have a long waiting list.
This time we will have all kind of things, all kind of 2nd hand things, of course. From the typical vinyl's, decoration objects, books, clothes to all the other stuff we got used to.
To make it even a bigger party we will have good food, sweeties and salties and a lot of hot wine, to warm up our hands and spirits. It is Christmas after all.

So, if you're in Oporto next Saturday, 19th, you cannot miss this opportunity to come and shop at the garage. We will be open from 3.00pm to 8.00pm, and with us on the mix we'll have Dj Fernando Dias and his funky beats as well as ApartD22 who will bring us his best selection on electronic vibes.
We believe that this Christmas edition will be unforgettable, and who knows, maybe next time we'll need a bigger garage?

Happy Holidays and LONG LIVE THE FLEA!

PS. We'll be posting some photos soon…..

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