Thursday, December 3, 2009

New York's Flea Markets

New York..... New York is the city of my dreams. Mine and of many others, I am sure. That is why every time I can, every time I have an excuse or opportunity, even though I don't like to fly, I get into an airplane and there I go. That's what happened this time as well, an opportunity came, just another excuse, and I didn't think twice. I went! When arriving there the same sensation as before….as really being in “a city that doesn't sleep”. No matter where, or what time, there is always someone in the street, some open bar or store. There's always animation, confusion, culture, entertainment, life! Just wondering around on those streets, among the people or the buildings is some kind of rewarding. From downtown to uptown, from East to West the neighborhoods succeed continuously, ones after the others. All different and unique, yet part of a bigger set. There are, however, certain repetitions that contribute to the unit of the city. Some of these repetitions are the Flea Markets. They exist in almost every neighborhood, with different sizes or shapes, exclusively dedicated to second hand, or not. It is a kind of deal that has its roots in the city itself; it's a way of living that was born from real necessities, from real lacks. I think that is why everyone who visits NY should see, at least, one Flea Market. I have visited several of them and still I am sure I have not seen even half. It's easy to make a quick search and find a lot of different addresses to go, then you just have to decide! I also noticed repetitions here, similarities. All the Fleas I have been have common traces, the vinyl's, the decoration object's, the knick-knack, clothes… But it's not just that, it's the way of displaying the stands, the way of positioning in space, the way of looking and being. Most of them are located in parking lots; empty spaces between buildings, spaces with a specific function reinvented for a couple of days a week. One of my favorites is the Sunday Brooklyn Flea. And it is this one because on Sundays it is located under the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side (of course!) looking at Manhattan. This is a special place, but the Flea is also special. It's a chic Flea, more then others, a true vintage paradise! You can find everything here, in pretty good conditions and variety. Although it has a lot of people visiting, the place is wide and you can relax and enjoy your search, easily. If hunger or cold start pressing you, you can always stop for a while at the food and beverage stands they have and enjoy their specialties. This is a total Flea, with everything we deserve! So, it was with a little sorrow that I saw the night falling on us. I had to say good-bye to the bridge, to the flea, to the city…But I know I will come back, and that is already enough for me!


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