Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Flea A Fortnight


For all the people who missed out the last time, and there were a bunch, we have an EXTRA BONUS FLEA in April with ALL NEW SELLERS and EXTRA CAPITAL LETTERS.

All the Flea Marketeers who didn't receive the monthly mail-out will be first in line for a space at the next event, which will be on 30th April, at the usual time at the usual spot.

There will also be preference for BOYS and people selling RECORDS & BOOKS. Don't forget to advise El Flea of what you plan to sell to get these benefits.

& plus if you post photos of your stuff for sale on our Facebook wall, people will check it and come looking for your goodies.

We will be taking bookings on Thursday night after the newsletter is released! Anyone not our list should send an email to fleamarketbcn@gmail.com.

Flea Team

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