Friday, April 8, 2011

Going Big Not Going Home!

Barcelona. Tenim punts en comú

We were recently interviewed by the council about our Flea, that has had a lot of favourable attention this month.

They've posted an article in English, professionally pasted below, and we did a video interview in Catalan, which is why I sound like I am speaking in slow motion.

Natàlia and Mark are a couple living in the heart of the Raval neighbourhood with a fascination for fashion and collecting vintage items. It’s all the same to them, so long as it has a retro look, is well preserved and can sparkle as new. In fact, this fascination of theirs gave rise to an idea that has been establishing itself as a successful initiative ever since 2007, with the number of participants and visitors growing year after year.
The Barcelona Flea Market takes its inspiration from the typical markets of European cities like London and Berlin, which often start as a popular initiative and, in most cases, turn into a success. These second-hand markets exude a Bohemian ambience. You can find everything, from the most eccentric clothes to books and records, along with other second-hand items. Everything goes when it comes to buying, selling or swapping at the numerous stalls run by the city residents who knock on Natàlia and Mark’s door, asking for a place at the Flea Market. Since it began in 2007, the market has adapted itself to various locations and sites, although on the last three occasions it has been held at the Espai Jove (Youth Centre) in the Eixample, at Carrer d’Alí Bei, 120. And that’s where it is being held on 9 April this year.
For those of you interested in using municipal spaces, Natàlia is encouraging everyone to join in: “If you’re original and suggest something that’s not been done before, you’re bound to be accepted straight away and given a hand to carry out your project. Any civic or youth centre etc., that you go to on behalf of an association will usually receive you in open arms, and all more so when you plan an activity for them that many people can benefit from. All you have to do is produce a legal document, such as the association’s tax ID number, and explain what you’re doing”.

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